Saturday, 12 April 2014

SunSave Holidays :

Relatively new cheap holidays website comes with many discounted offers for the Brits. Very cheap deals needs more careful approach it is better to call and double check the holiday price before attempt to book because not every price is available every time. Generally , Sunsave is very good site to book bargain deals. Also visit holiday forums and other travel expert's website's to read more about any company who offers deeply discounted travel deals. I can recommend Susan's site lollipop holidays about sunsave and other cheap holiday companies reviewed there.

Other noticeable reviews about Sunsave Holidays: is very reliable resource that I can recommend strongly.
Holiday watchdog Forum has some information as well.

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Ice Lolly

Cheap holiday website brings amazing deals to the internet travel market. Ice lolly itself does not sell holidays but it has great comparison tools to compare all other tour operators and on-line travel agent's offers. Some good review of the site here : Ice Lolly.

Today's Holiday Spot: Tenerife
Tenerife, an island of 2 faces, with a north-south division, is the largest of the archipelagos of the Canary Islands. The island enjoys perfect climate with slight average variation between winter and summer. Tenerife is attractive with lush forests, mountains, volcanoes, deserts and exotic plants and animals which makes exotic destination for tourists.

The islands capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a town frequented by tourists. Tenerife has traditional countryside towns, hillside villages and a variety landscape formed by the lava from the Mount Tiede. Colours from different types of volcanic rocks makes the landscape looks orange, green, black, beige and rust. This color palette gives the soothing surprise to the viewers. Tiede National Park is the most visited national park in Europe because of its beauty as well as its importance in providing evidence in the evolution of Oceanic islands.. 

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Lollypop Holidays : Holidays on the Beach

One of the best beaches of the world : Rabbit beach

Beaches consistently attraction for  backpackers. Read this blog post  to apperceive a few of the world's best admirable beaches, accepted for their arduous adorableness and size. For on the beach holidays to book from UK, best guide I can suggest is lollypop holidays site. Also if you want more info regarding Italy Holidays visit  :

Rabbit Beach, Lampesuda: This Italian beach is crowned best in the world. The Crystal bright blue/green water, beauteous greenery in adjacency and alone calmness accomplish this

place absolutely heart-pandering. A close ambiance with air-conditioned breeze in morning, brilliant canicule and mild black is abiding to appetite all your bristles senses. The beach, however, doesn't avowal chic avant-garde facilities.
Just attractive at the colour of that sea is apparently why bodies voted it The Best beach in the Apple on Tripadvisor recently.    The accolade usually goes to about in the Caribbean or one of the Sardinian beaches, but as Baia dei Conigli is accepting added acclaimed – which could absolutely be bad account – visitors accept absitively that there is boilerplate abroad in the apple absolutely like it.
Lampedusa is the bigger of the Pelagie Islands, which accord to Sicily, and the extreme south of all the Italian islands.   In actuality it’s nearer to Tunisia – aloof 70 afar abroad – than it is to Sicily which is 109 miles.
Until now it was bigger accepted for the atrocious baiter endless of actionable immigrants accession from the Middle East, Africa and afresh Libya and Tunisia, gluttonous political asylum.   There is a big apprehension centre actuality area they are interned until the Italian authorities adjudge what to do with them.   Aloof because of its bounded position the US Coastguard installed a transmitter base actuality in 1972 and afterwards the American bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi in 1982, Gadaffi lobbed a brace of scuds assimilate the island in retaliation.   Luckily they anaesthetized over the island and landed in the sea.  The island citizenry were absolutely not amused.

The added acumen why this beach has become so accepted is additionally because every year in Spring the Caretta Caretta turtles appear to lay their eggs on the eastern allotment of this beach which has actual accomplished white sand.    In August the eggs bear and beneath austere aegis from bounded ecology groups, the babies brazier bottomward the beach into the sea.
To ability this beach is not too accessible as there is no accessible carriage to booty you there so you either accept to appoint a car or booty a taxi.   Allotment of the alley bottomward is abnormal so best taxis bead you at the alpha and the blow is up to you!   Additionally aback you do absolutely get to the bluff bend the aisle bottomward is actual asperous and bouldered in places so you charge to be physically fit as it’s a continued airing aback up at the end of the day.   But if you accomplish it, we are abiding you will feel it was worthwhile!
Reaching Lampedusa is not a problem, however.   There are bear access from Porto Empedocle, abreast Agrigento and, in summer, there are common flights from both Palermo and Catania airports.

There is some abashing over the agent of the name Baia dei Conigli (Bay of the Rabbits) with Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Island) lying aloof 30 metres from the beach of the aforementioned name.   On the British abyssal maps from the 18oos it is referred to as Rabit Island which apparently led to the abnormal translation.   It is best acceptable that ‘Rabit’ comes from Arabic acceptation ‘link’ and referred to the isthmus  that acclimated to articulation the little island to the bigger one.   Today the isthmus has abolished but as the baptize is alone about 30cms abysmal it’s  accessible to airing from the beach to the island and annular it a abbreviate way until it gets too deep. Sites:

Friday, 21 March 2014

On the Beach Holidays

I would like to share my best beach holidays destinations list with you. Spending holiday in sunny beaches is always best choice for the Brits. Here is the top beaches and beach destinations in the world:

 1. Maldives
If you have not visited yet, Maldives is the place to go for it natural beauty and stunning beaches.

2. Baia do Sancho , Brazil
The best and most beautiful beach in Brazil is the highlight of Noronha. Go there in the first sunny day, and do not return for long return if possible. You can't get enough. . You will see turtles, sharks and all kinds of fish in a cristal clear water.

3.Bora Bora, Tahiti
This tropical paradise awarded 'the best island in the world'. Probably true.

4.Rabbit Beach Lampedusa, Islands of Sicily

5.Fraser Island, Australia

Best beach holiday sites to visit : on the beach holidays, best beaches

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Icelolly - Lollypop Holidays: Spain

Cheap holidays website lollipop holidays has very good offers and guide to Spain. If you go to ice lolly page you can also see more cheap holiday destinations and great travel tips. Also visit: which is rich of travel info about Spain. Ice lolly - Lollipop Holidays is written by travel expert Susan Jones. See her online account here if you would like to follow Susan for more travel tips.

Spanish homes:
In the south, many Spanish homes are built from clay or stone with small windows, shutters and whitewashed walls to keep them cool. The older houses are built on narrow streets. Inside, homes often have tiles on the walls and floors, which also helps to keep them cool.

In towns and cities, most people live in blocks of flats in the centre or in the suburbs. Some blocks have shops on the ground floor. Each flat has a balcony - an outside space for growing plants in pots or drying washing.  In southern Spain, some people live in cave homes, built into rocky hill-sides.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Ice lolly - Lollipop Holidays : Mexico

Lollipop Holidays : Find best deals on-line to Mexico with Ice lolly Holidays at this web address.
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There are four denominations of
Mexican bank notes in circulation: the
10, 20, 50 and 100 nuevo peso notes.
Each shows a famous personality from
Mexican history. The N$ 100 note shows
Cuauhtemoc, the last Aztec emperor, while
the N$20 note shows the 19th-century
Mexican president Benito Juarez.

After Mexico won its independence from
Spain in 1821, the government chose a
tricolour - three stripes - as the country , national flag.

The official name of Mexico is the United
States of Mexico (Estados Unidos Mexicanos), but
most Mexicans refer to their country simply as la
Republica - the Republic. They use Mexico - Mexico -
to refer to the capital city. In the English-speaking
world, however, this is generally called Mexico City in
order to distinguish it from the country of Mexico.
Mexico’s currency is the Mexican new peso (nuevo
peso), which is usually written N$. There are 100
centavos - written - to the peso. A price is sometimes
written as, say, $75mn, where ‘inn’ is short for moneda
national (national money). This distinguishes it from
the US dollar, which many shops accept as payment.
The Mexican flag has vertical bands of green, white
and red. The green stands for independence, the white for the Roman Catholic religion and the red for the unity of the people. In the centre is Mexico’s coat of arms, which shows an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its
beak. According to Aztec legend, the gods told the Aztec people that they would build a great city where they saw an eagle feeding
in this way. This city was Tenochtitlan, the ancient site that
lies buried beneath the modern capital, Mexico City.
Visit: for more.

Thursday, 27 February 2014

SunSave Holidays : Italy

Italy is the one of the Sun Holiday destinations in the Europe.
Some travel information about Italy:
For good deals from lollipop holidays recommends : SunSave

The Italian currency is called the euro. It replaced the
lira as the national currency in February 2002. Euros
can be used to purchase goods in any of 12 European
countries. The 'head' or national side of each coin has
a different image on it, depending on which country it
was made in. One euro is divided into 100 cents. You can
get bank notes for the following amounts: 5, 10, 20, 50,
100, 200 and 500 euros. There are coins for 1 and 2 euros,
as well as for 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. 20 m
The Head of State is the President, who is elected
every seven years, but the Prime Minister runs the
country. The parliament is made up of the Chamber of
Deputies and the Senate, whose members are elected
every five years. However, Italy's politics are beset by
corruption and financial scandals.

The Mafia
The Italian Mafia is an organised crime ring,
which originated from Sicily. The Mafiosi (Mafia members) have interests in controlling
many aspects of Italian life, including politics, business and the law. Most of their activities are illegal, such as international drug-smuggling
and bribing officials. In recent
times, many high-profile
members of the Mafia have
been caught and imprisoned
in an attempt to weaken the
influence of the organisation.

Say it in Italian:
la bandiera - flag
il francobollo - stamp
i soldi - money
I'ltalia - Italy
gli italiani - the Italians
la carta - map
Italian car numbers are fun to identify. You
can tell which city or town the car is from by
looking at the number plate. For example, cars
from Milan have MI on their number plate.
The only place where the whole name is used is
ROMA, for Rome.
More info :
And Italy Holidays from Lollipop