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Lollipop Holidays 2015 Guide to Aarhus

-- 2015 Holidays and Travel Deals to Aarhus DenmarkAarhus, often referred to in Denmark as 'the City of Smiles’,
has a particularly open, friendly and positive vibe.
This is partially explained by the city's large student
population: there are over 25 different academic institutions
here (including a university), and, in fact, every fifth resident is
engaged in some kind of academic pursuit. Their presence has
created the sociological phenomenon with which, in typical
Danish style, the city is identified - den kreative grobund
(the breeding ground for creativity).

South Aarhus 

Way beyond the academic world, Aarhus attracts people
who are generally open to life's possibilities, who want to initiate
projects and actively engage with the city and its inhabitants.
All these factors taken together provide Aarhus's infectious
energy and explain why it is so alive with cultural projects. For,
in addition to the keen penchant for design and modern, urban
development that you find all over Denmark, Aarhus
distinguishes itself by nurturing a cultural scene that attracts
and inspires locals and visitors alike.

When to go
The combination of the weather and the natural beauty of
city make summer the best time to visit. However, if you want
to take advantage of the great cultural scene, come between
May and October. During the Christmas period the city becomes
particularly festive, with beautiful street decorations, markets in
the Ridehuset and Den Gamle By and the smell of glogg (mulled
wine) waftingfrom the cafes in Vadestedet and the Latin
Kvarteret (Latin Quarter).

Aarhus's winters are considerably colder than the UK's, with the
wind chill making it feel even nippier.The average temperature
in January and February tends to hover just above freezing. The
April-to-September temperature range is between 13 and 28°C
(55-82°F), and can fluctuate between the two within 24 hours.
Between mid-September and November, expect a reasonable
amount of sunshine, but with some rain and temperatures
anywhere between 5 and i5°C (4f-59°F).

The city’s gloriously rich cultural life is reflected in the number
of different festivals and events that happen from May onwards.
In addition to the most unique and popular event of the year, the
Arhus Festuge (Aarhus Festival, see page 14), there's a plethora
Of enticements at which this guide has room only to hint. Each
year brings something new, so check what's on with the tourist
office (see page 135) when you plan your visit.

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