Sunday, 25 January 2015

4 Crowded yet Unique Top Tourist Hot Spots

These are striking tourist hot spots where the hordes come, but all of it is worth it! Surely, you will not hate them because once you are here, you sure understand the reason behind the place being crowded, yet it’s anytime worth experiencing these unbelievably exceptional spots!

1. Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Tourists from all around the globe crawl over Angkor to spend time and have a relaxing picnic. Known as the shrine-city, it has a huge temple worth visiting, irrespective of the fact that people everywhere will surround you. With its lotus-shaped towers and amazing bas-reliefs Angkor Wat is regarded as the world’s largest and earliest of religious structures. Sculptured between 9th and 13th century, Angkor was carved artistically from sandstone and was built to satisfy the egos of a succession of Khmer devaraja, thus providing the primeval empire with the majestic and grandest capital imaginable.

Besides the infamous Angkor Wat, this site contains a wide string of temples and many of it still being reclaimed from the jungle, since the time it was deserted during the 15th century era.

2. Old Town, Prague, Czech Republic
Staré Město or Old Town of Prague is practically crowded at all times, be it night or day! The adjoining area and restaurants are known for being overcharged with unending visitors. However once you encounter the Týn Church's hot baroque trimmings and the Prague Castle across Vltava, you tend to forget all that you had to go through. From 11am–2pm, all year round, you will experience four-hour walking tours. And you can explore the little secrets hidden in the Old Town. They end up right at the Old Town Square or Prague Castle, worth every bit of the trouble taken!

3. Eiffel Tower, France
There is simply no doubt that men love to build magnificent towers and yes of course, Gustave Eiffel was no different! He was commissioned to assemble a conspicuously splendid entryway for Paris' upcoming the Exposition Universelle, in 1889, and it is then that he unveiled his notable 300m-high iron icon. Even though the structure was supposed to stand there for merely 20 years, it has won global accolades and approbation for its wondrous architectural form. Despite several alien attacks Thunderbird puppets and Mars Attacks, it has remained right in its place, firm and gorgeous, as ever. If you wish to miss the rush, try grasping the entry early at midnight or arrive early. Once you are there, you will be anyways mesmerized ignoring the crowd!

4. Grand Canyon, USA

The bleak and barren backcountry of Arizona is possibly the least expected places you could ever imagine to be stuck in traffic, but this is something quite a common state for visitors who come to visit The Grand Canyon. Your vehicle is shoved away, never the less you get to check out the over the top impressive hole in the ground, the phenomenal 446km-long channel dug out by the Colorado River. 

The widest point of the canyon is 29km while its deepest pit is about 1500m. If you love adventure, fun and a memorable travel experience, you simply cannot afford to miss this spot.